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Ratios are either a whole number to whole number or a part to a whole number e.g. 2:1, 0.72:4.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Do all ratios compare a part to a whole number?
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How do you write ratios?

There are a bunch of ways of writing ratios. If you compare them to a part out of a whole it could be part out of whole, part:whole, orpart/whole. But if you are just comparing part to part, it could be part to part, part:part, or part/part. If this confuses you, just substitute the words with numbers, like instead of part you could write 4 and instead of whole, you could write 16. You can also reduce ratios so instead of 4 to 16, you can write 1 to 4 since both 4 and 16 are divisible by 4. Hope that helps you. ^_^ :)Thanks, this is, like the only place on the internet I could find that had the answer I was looking for. Thanks, this really helped! :) -User:Samally78

If you Compare 45 and 0.55 which will be larger?

The largest number is 45, which is a whole number. The decimal 0.55 is only a small part of a whole number.

Do all ratios compare a part to a whole?

No, they can compare parts to parts or many wholes to many wholes. For example, a class in school could have a ratio of 7 boys to 8 girls. 7 boys are not a part of 8 girls nor are 8 girls part of 7 boys!

What is a ratio and how does it relate to a fraction?

A fraction is a ratio of a part to the whole. Ratios can represent this or a part to another part, as well.

What is a number that has a whole number part and a fraction part is a?

a number that has a whole number

What is used to compare a part to a whole?

pie chart

How do you do equivalent ratios?

Multiply each part of the ratio by the same number.

It is part of a whole?

A fraction is part of a whole number.

What are the types of ratios?

The two types of ratios are part-to-part ratios and part-to-whole ratios. A part-to-part ratio is when you divide two groups from each other and count them as seperate. For example: 5 yellow cars to 3 orange cars. The ratio would be 5:3. A part-to whole ratio is when you take a group from the two groups, and then add the group up. Then you add the other group. For example: 7 grey ducks and 9 brown ducks, the ratio would be 7:16. So a part-to-whole ratio is like an over all answer, except for the first group.

What part of a graph or chart is used to compare relative parts of a whole?

A pier chart is used to compare relative parts of a whole.

What is the whole number part?

It is the part of the number before the decimal point or fraction For example, in the number 5.38, the whole number part is 5 For example, in the number 6 and 1/2 the whole number part is 6

A way of representing part of a whole or part of a group by telling the number of equal parts in the whole?

a number that names a part of a whole or part of a group

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