Does 4 eights equal 8 fourths?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no, 4/8 (four eighths) is 1/2, but 8/4 (eight fourths) is 2.

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Q: Does 4 eights equal 8 fourths?
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How many fourths is equal to four eights?

4/8 is equal to 2/4 It's also equaled to a half

Two eights plus seven fourths equal?

2/8 + 7/4 = 1/4 + 7/4 = 8/4 =2

How many eights are equal to two fourths?

8*x=2/4 (2/4)/8 = x 1/16 = x

How many fourths equal one eighths?

There are two eights in one fourth.

What is two fourths plus three eights?

2/4 is equal to 1/2. 1/2 of 8 is 4. 4/8 + 3/8 = 7/8.

How many eights arein three fourths?

There are no eights in three fourths.

What fraction equal to three fourths that has the same denominator as three eights?


How many eights are there in two fourths?

There are 4 because 4/8 = 2/4

Is three fourths equal to to six eighths?

Yes.Note that I changed the spelling of the question.three fourths is NOT equal to six eights but it is equal to six eighths. that pesky h makes all the difference!Six eights is 6*8=48

Is two fourths greater less than or equal to three eights?

1/8 greater

How many eights are in two and one fourths?

9/4 = 18/8

What is one-fourths plus five -eights?

It is: 1/4+5/8 = 7/8