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Yes- planes contain infinitely many points and every pair of points in plane determine a line in that plane, so every plane contains infinitely many lines.

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Q: Does a plane contain at least three lines?
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Is the statement a plane contains at least three lines always true?

No, you could define a plane as comprising only two lines.

Do planes contain ponts and lines?

A point is a single spot in space. A line is the connection between two points. A plane is the space made up between three or more lines. A plane has infinite lines and therefore infinite points.

What is an unequal triangle?

An unequal triangle is a closed plane figure bounded by three straight lines such that the length of at least one of the lines is different from that of another.

Three lines that intersect in a point but do not all lie in the same plane?

collinear plane

Are skew lines parallel?

No. If they are parallel, then a plane exists which both lines lie in. Skew lines can not be on the same plane.

What is a closed figure with three or more lines in a plane?


How many planes can contain three point at the same time?

Only one plane can contain three specific points.

In a plane if two lines are perpendicular to the same line then are they parallel to each other?

So long as all three lines are in the same plane, yes.

What is a counterexample for three coplanar lines always make a triangle?

If at least two of the three lines are parallel, the three lines will not form a triangle.

What shape has a closed plane figure with at least three sides?

A three sided closed plane figure (shape) is a triangle.

Does three lines intersect at the same point must all be in the same plane?

No. Any pair of the three will describe a plane, so the three possible pairs describe three planes.

A closed plane figure with at least three sides?

It is a polygon