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Yes, Frogs Croak every night

Croak = die

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Q: Does any animal have more than 9 lives math sheet?
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What do you call an animal that lives only in water?

An animal that only lives in water is called an aquatic animal. These can include fish, dolphins, jellyfish, and more.

How any lives are saved by animal testing?

im not sure but alot of ANIMAL lives are lost due to this. it harms the animals a lot more as they are smaller and more 'fragile'

Does any animal have more than nine lives math worksheet?

No animal has more than one life. The old saying about cats is a myth to explain the fact that cats often seem to be able to survive things that would seriously injure or kill other animals.

How is math use in your daily lives?

how you use math its easy when your older for car payments bills and more and when your a teen and you get a job at a store you need to know numbers numbers are math

What animal besides algae lives in a lake?

water spiders alligators crocodiles!!! and a lot more

What water life form animal has phytochemical?

In water forms there are 2 type of lives (1).ANIMAL, (2).PLANTS Generally Euglena comes in both, plant as well as animal as this has more phytochemical so it can provide nutrition for itself as well as other lives

Is Animal tests often unnecessary?

Yes, there are cheaper and more effective ways that don't cost lives.

What is one animal that lives in rain forests near the equator?

there are thousands of species that live there, you have to be more specific

What is a shrimplike animal in Antarctica?

A shrimp-like animal that lives in the waters around the Antarctic continent is named Antarctic Krill, Euphausia superba.You can read more, below.

Which animal lives than any other?

cats are said to have 9 (lives) if you mean years a giant tortoise and lobsters live more than other life forms

What are some websites teachers go on and print worksheets from?

Well if they are printing a math sheet or anything then they Also chemistry would be Hope this works for you! I have more for in science would be

What percent of earth's animal life lives in the sea?

Though a large amount of animal life lives in the sea (definitely more than lives on land), because there are still many sea animals yet to be discovered, the answer is unknown.The field of study that desires to know how many animals live in the sea is called marine biology. There's more information about them further below.