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It eats the greater number. for example- 3>1

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Q: Does the greater sign eat the greater number or the less number?
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Show me what greater than or less than looks like in math.?

greater than looks like > less than looks like < you can remember it like this both the signs look like pack man pack man will only eat the bigger number. Or a crocodile eating a bigger whatever.

How do you use the symbols of greater than and less than correctly?

The arrow always points to the lower number. 1<2 2>1 Imagine the signs as mouths, they always eat the bigger ones.

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Is it true that the inequality symbol always points to a lesser number?

Yes, or look at it like a pac-man mouth wanting to eat the greater number.

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>50The quantity on the left of the > sign is the greater quantity. It could be a variable or expression [like 3x - 2 > 50].I learned it like the < or > symbols are like an alligators mouth. He's hungry, so his mouth will try to 'eat' [open up toward] the bigger numbers.

What inequality sign means more than?

I've always told myself the arrow is an alligator mouth that wants to eat more food, for example:(10 > 5) (5 < 10) (5 = 5)The first one is 10 is greater than 5.The second one is 5 is less than 10.The third one is 5 is equal to 5.The inequality sign that means "more than " is >.

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