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The discount is 20%

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Q: Selling price 100 and market price is 125 what is discount percent?
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At 20 percent discount a cycle is sold at a selling price of 2500 Rs What is the actual price?


If on an item a shop gives 25 percent discount. they earn 25 percent profit If they now give 10 percent discount then what is the profit percentage?

If a shop gives a 10 percent discount, the profit percentage will be less than 25 percent, as the discount reduces the overall selling price of the item. The actual profit percentage would depend on the cost price and the new selling price after the discount is applied.

What percent securities are traded on the secondary market the issuing corporation receives of the selling price?

is it fifty percent that the issuing corporation receives of the selling price when the time securities are traded on the secondary market?

Why is the selling price after mark up greater than selling price after discount?

A markup increases the price; a discount decreases it.

What is percent of discount?

Percent of discount is the percentage of a whole price that is taken off as a discount.

How do you calculate sale price if marked price and percent discount is given?

How to calculate sale price if marked price and percent discount are given:First change the percent discount to a decimal.You then multiply the percent discount in decimal form by the marked price.Finally, you subtract the answer from the multiplication problem from the marked price, and get your final answer!

The regular price of an item is 79.99 the discount percent 15 percent find the discount and the sale price?

The discount value is $11.99 and the sale price is $67.99

What is unit selling price?

In my openion , Unit Selling price is the price per unit or item offered by a Seller to purchaser. IT might be without discount or with discount.

What is the original price with a 20 percent discount you get 249.99?

$312.49 ; here's how: You have original price is 100%, final price = original price - discount amount, and discount amount = original price * discount percent.So Final price = original price - original price * discount percent = (Original price)*(100 % - discount percent).249.99 = P0 * (100%-20%) = P0 * (0.80) ---> P0 = 249.99 / 0.80 = 312.4875

A store is giving 50 percent discount on all merchandise find the discount price?

discount price = price / 2

If the original price is 95 and the sales price is 61.75 what is the percent of discount?

34% discount

If the original price is 25 dollars and the discount price is 23.75 what is the percent discount?