Formula to calculate serum osmolarity

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Serum Osmolarity = 2 [Na] + [Glucose] + [BUN] (if all in mmol/L) OR

Serum Osmolarity = 2 [Na] + [Glucose]/18 + [BUN]/2.8 (if glucose and BUN are in mg/dl)

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Q: Formula to calculate serum osmolarity
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What is the formula for osmolarity?

Osmolarity = Molarity x i i = number of particles produced when one formula unit of solute dissolves

Calculate the osmolarity of the 1L solution containing 10mM Albumin?

calculate the osmolarity of a solution ; 1m of sucrose at 25 degree centigra 2m kcl at 25degree centigre 154mM Nacl at 25 degree

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Each 200ml contains- 1) Sodium Chloride= 250mg 2) Potassium Chloride= 30 mg 3) Sodium Citrate = 580 mg Calculate osmolarity of Sodium, Poatassium and Chloride

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All you do is take the total number of ions in the compound and multiply it by the molarity to calculate the osmolarity.Thus,0.12 * 3 = 0.36

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