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One positive one negative (apex)

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Q: Given the trinomial where both the first sign is positive and the second sign is negative the signs of the factors will be?
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Why is the last term of a perfect square trinomial always positive?

This is related to the fact that the square of both a positive and a negative number is always positive. The last term is simply the square of the second term, in the original binomial.

What is negative seven in Parentheses to the second power?

positive 49 Because a negative times a negative is a positive. -7*-7=49. positive * positive = positive negative * negative= positive positive * negative = Negative

What are the coordinates of a point that could be in each of the four quadrants?

The coordinates must be as follows: First quadrant: positive, positive Second quadrant: negative, positive Third quadrant: negative, negative Fourth quadrant: positive, negative

What is the second electron affinity positive or negative?

It is positive. In relation to oxygen at least.

A negative plus a negative is positive?

No a negative plus a negative is not a positive answer. example. -5+-2=-7 but if you are subtracting a negative number from a negative, then the second negative number would become a positive. example. -5 - -2= -5+2= =-3

A definition of a perfect square trinomial?

A perfect square trinomial is looking for compatible factors that would fit in the last term when multiplied and in the second term if added/subtracted (considering the signs of each polynomials).* * * * *A simpler answer is: write the trinomial in the form ax2 + bx + c. Then, if b2 = 4ac, it is a perfect square.

Is a negative number minus another negative a positive number or a negative number?

the answer is negative number It depends on the second number because in 6minus-7. the seven would turn positive and therefore the answer is positive. Because you would add the opposite.

What is Negative one twelfth to the second power?

It is positive 1/144.

Is the word reduced positive or negative?

Reduced can be positive or negative. For example, "His allowance was reduced because he did not do his chores. As positive, The tension was reduced when they talked about their problems. Though both mean "lessened," in the first example, it has a negative effect, but in the second example, the effect is positive.

In subtraction 2 negatives equal what?

if the first negative is samller than the second its positive but if the first one is a larger number than the second then its a positive

Which ordered pairs are in the second quadrant?

Ordered pairs that have a negative x and a positive y are in the second quadrant.

Negative pregnancy test but urinated on it again and it went positive?

This happened to me when I got pregnant with my third child. The first test was negative and the second positive. From what I understand, a pregnancy test can give a false negative but rarely gives a false positive.