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Using the symbol "^" for power:

a^(-b) = 1 / (a^b)


a^b = 1 / (a^(-b))

In words: raising a number to a negative power is the reciprocal of the same number, raised to the corresponding positive power (the additive inverse).

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Q: How are negative exponents and positives exponents related?
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What does a positive times a positive times a negative equal?

a negative. positives times other positives equal positives. but if you multiply them by a negative it becomes a negative.

Do two positives make a negative?

No, two positives do not make a negative. Two positives make a positive.

Can you have negative exponents in the denominator?

You can have negative exponents anywhere. When they are in the denominator, they are equivalent to positive exponents in the numerator of a fraction.

The exponents in the terms of a polynomials must be?

why the exponents can not be negative

Why do you have negative exponents?

Negative exponents are used to represent 1 divided by an a base to a specific exponent.

How are negative and positive exponents related?

They're inverses. 101 is 10. 10-1 is 1/10

Are negative particles attracted to positive particles in an electric field?

yes. because negative and positives attract each other and negatives and negatives, and positives and positives repeal each other.

When multiplying binomials that turn out negative do you add or subtract exponents?

When multiplying numbers with exponents, you add the exponents.

Is chlorine positives or negative?

The atom is neutral; the ion chloride is negative.

What is -5y-8 with positive exponents?


How do you change powers with negative exponents to powers with positive exponents?

by doing reciprocal

Does two positive equal a negative?

Depends what your doing with them. You can subtract two positives and get a negative but if we add two positives we get a positive

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