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In trigonometry sines and cosines are used to solve a mathematical problem. And sines and cosines are also used in meteorology in estimating the height of the clouds.

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Q: How are sines and cosines used in meteorology?
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When would you use the law of sines or law of cosines instead of a trigonometric ratio?

Trigonometric ratios, by themselves, can only be used for right angled triangles. The law of cosines or the sine law can be used for any triangle.

What branch of mathematics is concerned with sines and cosines?

Trigonometry mainly but also geometry, algebra.

What is the fourier series?

It's an infinite sum of sines and cosines that can be used to represent any analytic (well-behaved, like without kinks in it) function.

How do you simplify csc theta -cot theta cos theta?

For a start, try converting everything to sines and cosines.

Relevance in trigonometry in act?

The ACT asks questions about basic sines, cosines, and tangents. These questions can be answered without a calculator.

Altitude of right triangle with only one side known?

Law of sines or cosines SinA/a=SinB/b=SinC/c

When do you use law of sines and law of cos sines?

Use Law of Sines if you know:Two angle measures and any side length orTwo side lengths and a non-included angle measure.Use Law of Cosines if you know:Two side lengths and the included angle measure orThree side lengths.

Why the basic building block of signal is sine wave?

Every periodic signal can be decomposed to a sum (finite or infinite) of sines and cosines according to fourier analysis.

What situation would you be FORCED to use law of cosines as opposed to law of sines?

When none of the angles are known, and using Pythagoras, the triangle is known not to be right angled.

How do you find a missing side of a triangle without a right angle?

Having sufficient angles or sides one can use either, The Law of Sines, or, The Law of Cosines. Google them.

Can this be used for sines?

No. Sines are well defined trigonometric ratios whereas "this" is not defined at all.

In Fourier transformation and Fourier series which one follows periodic nature?

The Fourier series can be used to represent any periodic signal using a summation of sines and cosines of different frequencies and amplitudes. Since sines and cosines are periodic, they must form another periodic signal. Thus, the Fourier series is period in nature. The Fourier series is expanded then, to the complex plane, and can be applied to non-periodic signals. This gave rise to the Fourier transform, which represents a signal in the frequency-domain. See links.

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