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Since 54/9=6, 5400/9 is just the quotient of 54/9 multiplied by 100, since 54*100=5400. 5400/9 is indeed 600, which is 6*100.

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Q: How can you use the division fact 54 divided by 9 to find 5400 divided by 9?
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Let's say the question was 4x5. The answer is 20. If a division question 20 divided by 5, you know its 4 from the multiplication question.

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you can use multiplication facts to find division facts by dividing your divisor and your quotient to find your answer.

How can you use a multiplication fact to find a division fact?

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The fact that 8 x 9 = 72

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3 Twelve divided by four is three. Think of times tables. Four multiplied by three is twelve so do it backwards to find the division.

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You do the division!

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After they divide, you would find most in interphase, which is probably the answer you are looking for.

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8 divided by 2 does not equal 2 divided by 8. 8/2=4...2/8=0.25

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