How deep is the hole in the wall pool?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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6 inches

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Q: How deep is the hole in the wall pool?
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Is there any way to fix the bulging steel wall of an in-ground pool in the deep end?

The only way to fix a bulging steel wall of an in-ground pool in the deep end is to dig up that area of ground. Then the wall can be repaired, shored up, or replaced.

How do you repair a hole near the bottom of an aluminum wall of a Poseidon above ground oval pool?

Buy a pool patch

How do you repair a hole in a pool wall without removing the liner?

There are several pool patch kits available at your local pool dealer...if the hole is not too big than this should work. It works under water.

What is the verb of deep?

The verb of deep is deepen. Other verbs are deepens, deepening and deepened, depending on the tense.For example, here are some sentences:"We will deepen the hole"."He deepens the hole for the pool"."The hole was deepening".The ground for the well was deepened".

Can dogs put a hole in the deep end in the vinyl lining of an inground pool?

It is highly unlikely.

How do you get rid of a buddleia growing in a wall?

My neighbour has recommended drilling a hole and inserting a product called "Deep Root". I have the same problem and it is ruining my wall!!!!!

If you did a 6 foot hole how deep is that hole?

That hole is 6 feet deep or 72 inches deep.

How deep is a half of a hole?

as deep mas the hole was when it was a whole hole.

How much water in a 27 foot found by 54 inch deep pool?

To figure out how many gallons are in a swimming pool, determine the length, width, ... Standard Pool Above Ground Pools with a Pool Wall of 48 inches.

When was Deep in the Hole created?

Deep in the Hole was created in 1983.

How can you patch the hole in your plaster swimming pool or do you need to resurface the whole pool?

I guess the answer really depends on how big and deep the hole is. Cracks, holes and tiles can be repaired using all purpose waterproof cement. I have used a product by Leslies Swimming Pool Suplies called "Patch It". Not only does Patch It easily patch the hole, it can be applied underwater without having to drain the pool. Good luck! Magdude1

If the Olympic pool in Beijing is 3 meeters deep what do the swimmers stand on in the pool after a race?

They don't. Notice that they're either hanging on the lane line, grabbing the wall, or treading water.