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A straight stairlift functions a lot like an escalator. Straight stairlifts use an electric powered belt to propel the chair upward and to slowly release the chair downward.

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2013-07-25 22:07:35
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Q: How do straight stairlifts function?
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Where could one purchase reconditioned stairlifts?

One can purchase reconditioned stairlifts from the following stores: Stairlifts Advisor, eBay, Stairlift Trader, Sterling Stairlifts UK, Stairlifts Expert, Stroke Association, Dolphin Lifts, Stair Lift Suppliers, to name a few.

Where can one purchase used stairlifts?

Used stairlifts can be purchased from a number of sources. Such sources include eBay and Amazon. Used stairlifts can even be found or requested on Craigslist.

Where can you find out more about stairlifts?

When a person can not climb their own stairs in their house then they may need to have stairlifts instaled. To find out about stairlifts a person should call there doctor or a health store that has things for people who can not get around.

In what state is the company Stannah Stairlifts located?

The company of the name Stannah Stairlifts is located in the United Kingdom outside of London. The business just celebrated the productions of the 500,000 of stairlifts a few days ago.

What are the average prices for stairlifts?

The average prices for stairlifts are between $1,000 and $4,500. Prices vary based on whether or not it is covered by insurance and where you buy it from.

View our range of stair lifts for straight and curved stairs from Stannah the Stairlift People Now available to buy with a 2 year w?

Stairlifts are installed in residential homes for individuals who cannot negotiate flights of stairs on foot. Stairlifts are installed on the wall usually adjacent to the stairs. Once the person needing the assistance is securely seated in the stairlift, a motor is engaged and the stairlift begins to move on its track to bring the person either up or down to the story of the house he or she would like to access. Stairlifts are available for straight walls and curved walls, and there are other options as well, including personal elevators and vertical stairlifts, depending on the home in which the unit is to be installed the budget available for the project.

Where can I get more information on the price to install stair lifts in my home?

To obtain more information on the price to install stair lifts in your home please visit Acorn Stairlifts ( )

Are Acorn stairlifts safe and reliable to use?

Acorn Stairlifts are both safe and reliable. The Acorn Stairlift has been installed in thousands of homes. One of the safety features is that the Acorn Stairlifts are installed to the stairs instead of to the wall in order to make them more stable.

What are some cheap stairlifts?

Some cheap stairlifts include the AmeriGlide Ultra DC and the AmeriGlide Stairlift AC. You can purchase these items online from the official AmeriGlide website.

Are stairlifts safe to use for anyone?

Stairlifts need to be inspected every year in order to ensure there safety. They do have weight limits however and people who use them need to be under it

Are stairlifts available in the UK on the NHS?

I am sure stairslifts are available in United kingdom.There are are several manufacturers and installers in the Europe for stairlifts,one such well known manufacturer is Thyssenkrupp.

Where can one buy acorn stairlifts?

You can buy acorn stairlifts online via various online shops offering acorn stairlifts, they include a small fee for placing them. There might also be a contractor in your neighbourhood who can buy and place an acorn stairlift for you. You should make sure he has experience with installing these.

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