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you could use a venn diagram

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Q: How do we represent mixed fractions in diagram?
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Does a fraction represent a number between zero and one?

A proper fraction is but mixed fractions, which are also often called fractions, are greater than 1.

Are mixed fractions rational?

Yes, mixed fractions are rational

When dividing fractions or mixed numbers?

what is dividing fractions and mixed numebers

What is multipyling mixed fractions?

It is a process by which the product of mixed fractions is calculated.

How is a mixed number and an improper fraction similar?

Mixed fractions can be converted into improper fractions then changed back to a mixed number.

What is the best graph to represent fractions?

the best graph to use to represent fractions is a pie graph, that is if all the fractions denominators are the same...

How do you convert mixed fractions into whole numbers?

Mixed fractions can't become whole numbers.

Two fractions that represent the same number?

Equivalent Fractions

How are improper fractions and mixed numbers different to proper fractions?

In case of Proper fractions the numerator is lesser than the denominator. Whereas in case of improper fractions and mixed fractions the numerator is greater than denominator.

How do add mixed improper fraction?

Mixed numbers can be converted to improper fractions. Improper fractions can be added the same way proper fractions are.

What are the three types of fractions?

The three types of fractions are mixed, improper, and proper fractions.

What is 1 over 15 as improper fractions?

1/15 is a proper fraction. Proper fractions can't become improper fractions. It wouldn't be proper.