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Adding and subtracting Polynomials can be simple or difficult, considering your math skills and practices. When you add polynomials, you may first start out by lining them up. First, I'll go over some adding problems.

Adding Example:


I always start by lining up the two terms beneath eachother, but weather you decide to do it horizonally or vertically is your own perogitive. I, however, will demonstate both.

Horizonal Finish:

You simply add your like terms and there, wallah'! You have an answer!

2ms2+3m2s-4 + 1ms2-10m2s+12


Vertical Finish:

Just put your second term below your first term and add the like terms. Use the symbol (- or +) to find the integer of the number.

(2ms2 +3m2s -4)



3ms2 -7m2s +8

Subtracting Example:

(4m2n-3mn-4m) - (-8m2n-6mn+3)

The only way to subtract properly is in a horizonal term, as show in the first section of adding. The subtracing is far, far different from the adding portion, though, sharing little similarities. I'll run you through all the steps of subtracting polynomials.

First off, I must remind you, it is only the secondterm where you add the opposite. (Meaning you change all the signs- Ex: -4x2+2-8 ----> 4x2-2+8) The first term remains the same.

(4m2n-3mn-4m) - (-8m2n-6mn+3)

The first remains the same, add the opposite on the second term.

(4m2n-3mn-4m) + (+8m2n+6mn-3)

Now you follow the last two steps of adding polynomials (See Above) and finish it either vertically or horizonally.

Finishing Subtraction Horizonally:

(4m2n-3mn-4m) + (+8m2n+6mn-3)

Simply add your like terms and you're done.


Finishing Subtraction Vertically:

(4m2n-3mn-4m) + (+8m2n+6mn-3)

Line your second term up below your first and add the like terms into one. (- means no term lines up.)

(4m2n -3mn -4m - )

+ (+8m2n +6mn - -3)


12m2n +3mn -4m -3

And you're all done. Thank you and have a blessed, math filled day. ;)

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Q: How do you add and subtract polynomials?
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Is 4 - 3x plus 5x2 a polynomial?

Yes. If you add, subtract or multiply (but not if you divide) any two polynomials, you will get a polynomial.

How is adding polynomials the same as subtracting polynomials?

just add the negative of the polynomial, that is the same as subtracting it. For example, x^2+2x is a poly, the negative is -x^2-2x. So if we want to subtract x^2+2x from another poly, we can add the negative instead.

Why do you think it is important to know how to find the common denominator of two rational polynomials?

You need to find the common denominator in order to add or subtract them. You can only add or subtract "like things" and by finding a common denominator you make both rational expressions into things that can be added or subtracted.

How do you add polynomials?

homer Simpson

Does decrease mean to add or subtract?

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does how many mean add or subtract

When you add polynomials what do you do with your exponents?

Nothing. The exponents are not affected when added polynomials. However, they play a role in which variables add or subtract another variable. For example. (3x^2+5x-6)+(4x^2-3x+4) The exponents would determine that when adding these polynomials that 3x^2 would be added to 4x^2 and so forth 5x-3x and finally -6 would be added to 4. With a final conclusion of (7x^2+2x-2)

What is the opposite for add?

The opposite of add is subtract.

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How do you add polynomials with dissimilar terms?

To add polynomials with dissimilar terms, you simply combine like terms by collecting the terms with the same variables and exponents. If a variable or exponent is not present in one polynomial, you leave it as it is. Then, you can add or subtract the coefficients of the like terms to arrive at your final answer.

Hellllp meee. How do you add polynomials when you don't have any like terms?

Hellllp meee, how do you add polynomials when you don't have any like terms is a very common questions when it comes to this type of math. However, the polynomials can only be added if all terms are alike. No unlike terms can be added within the polynomials.

Sum is to add as what is to subtract?

When you add, your answer is the sum.When you subtract, your answer is the difference.