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With the latest TI-84 updates, you can work with fractions as actual fractions - not operators or decimals. To insert a fraction press Alpha > F1 > 1:n/d. Enter a couple of numbers, press the "+" sign, do it again, press enter, and you will get your answer!

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Q: How do you add fractions on the ti 84 plus?
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You can download it from TI's website.

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The TI 84 Plus Silver Edition has a replaceable cover which you can have a different color on. And it also has a larger capacity for memory.

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How do you do fractions on a TI 84 plus silver edition?

Assuming you want to use fractions in your equation, let's use an example: 5/7 + 10/7Basically, you don't want it to divide the numbers first then add, because they are supposed to be fractions. Therefore you press the parentheses key and type: "5" "divide" "7" then the close parentheses sign. And you continue on, using the parentheses whenever you are symbolizing fractions.However, if you want to make your answer into a fraction.. it's a lot easier. Simply input whatever you are solving and then press enter. After wards, press the "MATH" key and enter when FRAC is highlighted. It should be #1. And there you have it, using fractions on TI-84 Plus Silver Edition :)