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This could be a relatively easy volume question or not. First you have to figure the volume of the box. This is Height x Length x Width. Then you find the volume of the object you want to put in the box. If they are rectangular the formula is the same. If they are spherical the equation is 4/3 Pi R^3. If they are oddly shaped the equation is more difficult or you must measure the volume by another means such as water displacement. Once you have the volume of the box and the volume of what you want to put in the box you just divide the later into the former and you have how many should fit in the box. Now an assumption of this solution assumes all the "free" space is occupied by the object you put in the box. If your solution needs an exact number in real life you have to figure out the amount of "free" space that is lost with each object placed in the box and add that into the calculation.

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Q: How do you calculate how many will fit in a box?
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