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Calculate the volume of one sweet. Calculate the volume of the jar and then divide the volume of the jar by the volume of a sweet.

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Q: How do you calculate the number of sweets in a jar?
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How many sweets in a 700g jar Quality street?

there are 36 sweets in a jar

What is the collective noun for sweets in a jar?

In your example, jar of sweets, is the collective noun; other collective nouns are a box of sweets, a tin of sweets, or a shop of sweets.

How do you change there are some sweets in the jar into singular?

there is a sweet in the jar

How many sweets in a jar of quality street?

The amount of sweets in a jar of Nestle Quality Streets candy will vary depending on the size of the jar. They off the jars in 700 grams and 870 grams of delicious treats.

Is jar a number?

No. "Jar" is not a number.

How do you change these sentences into singular form'' there are some sweets in the jar''?

There is a sweet in the jar. => change the plural-form verb are to is, remove the s from sweets to make it singular, and remove somebecause it cannot apply to singular nouns.

The story of roald Dahl putting a rat in the sweets jar?

Boy Tales of Childhood

How many millions sweets each in a 2.27kg jar?

12100 exactly

What sweets can you put in a big jar for your best friends 12th birthday?

The best sweets to put in a big jar for your best friend\'s 12th birthday are the ones he likes best. You can also add marshmallows and licorice sticks.

Has thomas holmshaw ever touch a baby jar?

only the glass ones that hold sweets

What dead animal did roald dahl put in sweet jar?

The dead animal that Roald Dahl put in a sweets jar was a dead rat. He put it in a candy jar and was apparently severely punished by his headmaster.

If you have 10 jars filled with 50 sweets each you then pour the sweets into small bags and attempt to get half a jar in each bag what is the percentage likelihood that there are an avergae of 25 swee?


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