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Calculate the volume of one sweet. Calculate the volume of the jar and then divide the volume of the jar by the volume of a sweet.

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Q: How do you calculate the number of sweets in a jar?
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How many sweets in a 700g jar Quality street?

there are 36 sweets in a jar

What is the collective noun for sweets in a jar?

In your example, jar of sweets, is the collective noun; other collective nouns are a box of sweets, a tin of sweets, or a shop of sweets.

How do you change there are some sweets in the jar into singular?

there is a sweet in the jar

How do you change these sentences into singular form'' there are some sweets in the jar''?

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How many millions sweets each in a 2.27kg jar?

12100 exactly

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Has thomas holmshaw ever touch a baby jar?

only the glass ones that hold sweets

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