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1. You have to know the base of the original number.

2. If the base of the original number is base 10, then you don't need to convert it to decimal because the original number is already a decimal number. This means the decimal numbering system is base 10 (i.e. it has 10 base digits-->0-9)

3. If the base of the original number is different than base 10, then you will need to use a mathematical conversion method (or a computer program/calculator) to convert the original number to decimal.

For example:

If the original number 1011 is a base 2 (binary) number, then you would use the following conversion method to convert it from base 2 to base 10:

1 * 2^0 = 1 * 1 = 1

1 * 2^1 = 1 * 2 = 2

0 * 2^2 = 0 * 4 = 0

1 * 2^3 = 1 * 8 = 8

Now add the right most column of numbers together (e.g.: 1+2+0+8=11). 11 is the decimal (base 10) equivalent to the original base 2 number 1011.

Similar methods can be used to convert from other base numbering systems to decimal (e.g. base 5 to base 10)

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Q: How do you convert numbers into decimals?
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