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Q: How do you decode a 12 digit VIN number?
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How do you decode a 12 digit Honda motorcycle VIN?

You can find the year by using the chart found on the link in the related links section.

How do i read the vin on my ATV?

Vin should be 17 digits long. Digits 1-3: Country and Manufacturer Digits 4-8: Model Digit 9: check digit Digit 10: Model Year Digit 11: Factory Digit 12-17: Sequential Production Number

How do you find history on a vehicle that has an 12 digit vin number?

I belive the D.M.V. web site has a search online for a few bucks

How do you read the 12 digit engine VIN on a Suzuki GS 1100?


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How do you determine year and model of Yamaha motorcycle with vin?

Generaally speaking the 10th spot in the VIN is the date code other numbers/letters position Region: 1 J Asia Country: 1-2 JH Japan Manufacturer: 2-3 H2 Honda Model Specific: 4-8 Check Digit: 9 Year: 10 Assembly Plant: 11 Serial Number: 12-17 To decode your VIN go here

Kawasaki kx 250 motorcross 12 digit vin numbers?

My kawasaki 250 kx (2 stroke) chassis number is: kx250k017919somebody tell me the year please..

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