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The number is 84.

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Q: You are a 2 digit number The sum of your digits is 12 your tens digit is 4 more than your ones digit What number are you?
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What is the prime number of 100 sum of the digits is 4 and the tens digit is two more then the ones digit?


You are a number with 1 as your ones digit and 5 at your hundreds place the digit at the ten thousand place is 4 more than the ones digit all other digits are zero tell you which number are you?


What is a number that has 2 digits less than 10 the tenths digit is one more than the ones digit nad the digits add up to 7?


What number has 2 digits the ones digit is odd the tens digit is even the sum of the digits are divisable by 3 the number is a square number?


The number whose ones digit is 8 less than its tens digit . The sum of the digits is a 2 digit number?

91 since the ones digit is 8 less than 9 and the two digits, 9+1 = 10, a two-digit number.

You are a two-digit number your tens digit is 3 times your ones digit The sum of your digits is 12 What number are you?


What is a 2 digit number whose tens digit is 3 less than the ones digit and the original number is 6 more than 4 times the sum of the digits?

It is 58.

Which digits can be in the ones place of a number that is didisible by 2?

2,4,6,8,and 0 are divisible by 2 in the ones digit. Zero is only divisible in a number with 2 digits or more. 0 itself is not divisible by 2.

Are you five digit number your ones digit is 5 less than your hundreds digit your other digits are all twice your ones digit what number are you?

22621, 44742, 66863, 88984

I am a 4 digit number my ones digit is 1 my tens digit is 3 larger than my ones digits my hundreds and thousands digit are both larger than my ones digit what number am i?

There is a lot of answer for this, but I tell you one. The answer is 6541.

What number is the ones digit three times the tens digit and both digits are even?


What is the sum of the digits of an odd tow-digits prime number is 11 the tens digit is geater than the ones digits what is the number?