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example: 2 3/4 divided by 2 2/6=

1. change into mixed number

2 3/4=11/4

2 2/6=14/6

2.change the sign to from division to multiplication and for the second number change into its reciprocal

11/4 x 6/14=66/56

3.thats how you work it out.have a pleasant day

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When dividing mixed numbers with fractions you have to always convert the mixed numbers to fractions before being able to divide.


2 1/3 ÷ 3/4

Would first have to be converted to fractions:

7/3 ÷ 3/4

Then you just go by the normal rules for dividing fractions:

1. Find reciprocal (Flip the second fraction) & switch to multiplication

7/3 x 4/3

2. Multiple numerators together and then the denominators together:

7/3 x 4/3 = 28/9

3. If possible, reduce.

Depending on the teacher's directions, you may either reduce to simplest form (which it already is) or you may be asked to convert it to a mixed number.

3 1/9

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You turn the mixed number into an improper fraction then multiply by the reciprocal.

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Q: How do you divide fractions with mixed numbers?
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