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first you draw a circle and the one line at the top and the bottom and then another circle (this way is laying down) draw a very thin circle at the top and then you draw one line on each side and the do sort-of a round half- of-a circle on the bottom

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Q: How do you draw cylinder?
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Draw a cone cylinder and triangular prism WHAT DOES THIS LOOK LIKE drawn?

It is not possible to draw a cone cylinder and triangular prism in this platform.

How do you draw Yorkie puppies?

a circle for the head a cylinder for the mouth draw details include long hair

How do you draw a net for a three dimensional figure and the figure is a right circular cylinder?

Draw a rectangle for the side of the cylinder and on top and bottom of this rectangle 2 circles for the base and the top of the cylinder The rectangle width would be the diameter of the circle large and the same height that the cylinder

How do you sketch the net for a cylinder?

draw a rectangle and two triangles on top

How do you draw a cylinder container with a volume of 240cm3?

You cannot. The cylinder could be a large squat shape, or a thin tube which could be as long as you want. The volume of a cylinder does not determine its shape.

How do you draw a net for a cylinder and label the dimensions then use the net to find the surface area of the cylinder when 3.14 is the pie?

radius squared multiplied by pie

How do you draw a coke bottle?

Just draw a cylinder with a "funnel" on one end, rounding the transition point from the cylinder part to the funnel part. The base of the cylinder part is rounded and bumpy. That works for for a plastic Coke bottle. If you mean the glass bottles, they are similar, but yet harder to draw, and require more detail. On them the transition to the "funnel" part is more gradual and more like a cone. There are the grooves on the side, and the bottom is thicker and doesn't have the "bumps."

How do you draw an isometric projection of a hexagon?

First, you will have to draw circle, and with exact measuring then draw a hexagon. Then make it a cube, and on the top side of this square divide each side by a dot and connect these dots with straight lines. Next, draw a circle in this new, smaller square. On a new paper, copy the previously made small circle. Below the previous one, copy the circle again (so you will have two circles). Make it a cylinder, then copy the cube from the previous draw below this cylinder. Draw the cap for the cylinder on its top, and basically you are done. Additionally, if you have found these instructions a bit confusing, you can search for a video on YouTube on this topic in case you are a visual type.

What is the unit of mesaure of capacity of cylinder?

I think u measure the top draw a line to the middle of it and then like multiply it with pie or something

Does a 3d cylinder shape have edges and corners and also faces?

draw the different faces of these 3 D objects.Label the shape of each face

How can you describe a cylinder to someone who never seen one?

Draw a circle on paper. Then draw a bazillion more circles, all the same exact size as the first circle, and stack all of them up in a stack on top of the first circle.

How do you draw a net diagram of a cylinder and three dimensional figure of the same?

y wont u stop cheating on the internet and paty attentuion in school

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