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You can find square inches from square feet by multiplying square feet by 144.

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Q: How do you figure out square inches from feet?
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How do you figure square feet?

convert inches into feet and multiply

How do you figure inches into square feet?

I will assume that the intended meaning of this question is how to convert square inches into square feet. To do this simply take the value in square inches and divide by 144.

What is the cubic feet of a pallet 40 inches wide x 48 inches long?

There is not enough information to figure the cubic feet of the pallet. The depth would be needed for that. There is enough information to figure the surface area, which is measured in square feet, square inches, etc. To find the area of an object, take the length times the width. 40 inches X 48 inches = 192 square inches or 16 square feet.

How do i figure square feet such as 12 x 24?

Are you asking if it is 12 feet x 24 feet, or 12 inches x 24 inches? That makes a difference. 12 feet x 24 feet is 288 square feet, but 12 inches has to be converted to 1 foot and 24 inches has to be converted to 2 feet. Then you have 1 foot x 2 feet, which is 2 square feet.

How Formula square inches to square feet?

Use this formula to convert from square inches to square feet, : square inches x 0.00694 = square feet

How much is 2 square feet in inches?

You can't convert that. You can convert feet to inches, or square feet to square inches.

What is 1063 square inches in square feet?

1,063 square inches = about 7.4 square feet. (7.38194444 square feet).

How many square feet is in 736 square inches?

736 square inches /144 = 5.111+ square feet, or 5 square feet 16 square inches

Calculate inches to square feet?

Inches is a linear measurement and square feet is an area.It is an apples and oranges things.BUT, if you want square inches to square feet, use this:1 square inches = 0.00694444444 square feet

What is 25 square feet in square inches?

25 square feet = 3,600 square inches.

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