How do you find a total mass of something?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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This is usually done by weighing. On Earth, mass and weight are proportional; in fact, balances are usually calibrated for mass units, even if some of them really determine the weight.

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Q: How do you find a total mass of something?
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Explain how to use a balance to find mass?

find the mass of the container you will be using to measure something. The fill the container with ur substance. Measure it. Then subtract the mass of the container from the total mass

If something dissolves into something else will it change mass?

The mass of the solution will be equal to the mass of the solute plus the mass of the solvent. However, the total mass does not change.

How do you find a mass fraction?

mass fraction of Substance A = (mass of Sub. A) / (total mass)

What is the amount of matter that something is made of?

the total mass of the particles that something is made of

How do you find the mass of an object If the mass of the beaker is 15grams and the total weight is 30.100grams?

To find the mass of the object, subtract the mass of the empty beaker (15 grams) from the total weight (30.100 grams). The mass of the object would be 15.1 grams.

How do you find a mass by difference?

Mass of the contained material = Total mass (mass of the container + mass of the material) - Mass of container

How do you find something's mass by looking at it?

You can't

How do you find out the density of something?


How do you you find the mass number of an atom?

We can find atomic mass and mass number in chemical elements. Atomic mass is about weight of the atom. Mass number is about total of neutrons and protons.

How do you get the total mass of something?

For the molar mass make the sum of the atomic weights of the elements contained in the molecule.

How do you find atomic mass and mass number of isotope?

The atomic mass of an isotope is the weighted average of the masses of the naturally occurring isotopes of an element. It is found by multiplying the mass of each isotope by its natural abundance and summing these values. The mass number of an isotope is the total number of protons and neutrons in its nucleus and can be found by rounding the atomic mass to the nearest whole number.

What is the equation to find the percentage by mass of an element if the total mass of the compound and the mass contribution of the element are known?

Amount of mass of component Y divided by total mass times 100% equals (=) percent (%) Y component.