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how do you find the area of a rectangle witha perimeter of 36 in You don't.

You need more information

For example a 1 x 17 rectangle has a perimeter of 36 and its area is 17.

But a 2 x 16 rectangle also has a perimeter of 36 and its area is 32.

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Q: How do you find the area of a rectangle with a perimeter of 36m?
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What is the perimeter of a rectangle with a length of 36m and a width of 15m?

102 m

A rectangle has a length of 12m and a width of 6m what are the perimeter of the rectangle?

The formula for finding a rectangle's perimeter is 2(l+w).Here, length is given as 12 m & width as 6m. So, the correct answer is2(l+w)=2(12+6)=2 x 18=36m.

How do you calculate the missing value of the width if the length is 10m and perimeter is 36m?

Assuming you're measuring a rectangle... Okay - you know the length of one side (10m), and the perimeter (36m) The two sides you know total 20m, therefore the sum of the other two sides MUST equal 16m divided by 2 = 8m.

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What are the lengths and widths of a fixed area of 36m square?

Each side will be 6. i.e 62 = 36

The perimeter of a rectangle is 126m the length is 9m more than twice the width what are the dimensions?

P=126 L=9+2x w=x 126=2(9+2x)+2x 126= 18+4x+2x 126=18+8x 108=8x 13.5=x So W= 13.5m and L=36m

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