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When a polygon is regular, each exterior angle is equal to the other exterior angles. Since the sum of all the exterior angles is 360 degrees, if you divide 360 by the measure of one exterior angle, you will get the number of sides.

If you instead have the measure of an interior angle, simply calculate (180 - interior angle measure) to find the measure of the exterior angle, and use the above paragraph.

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Q: How do you find the number of sides a regular poly gon has by knowing the angles?
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What are the sides of the interior angles of a regular 21gon?

It is not possible to determine the length of the sides of a regular polygon simply from the number of sides.

As the number of sides increases how do the angles change?

When the sides of a regular polygon increases its interior angles also increases

How do you find the number of sides of a polygon knowing the measure of one of its interior angles?

If it's a regular polygon then deduct the known angle from 180 degrees and divide the answer into 360 which will give the amount of sides.

What is the number of sides of a regular polygon if one of its exterior angles measure 45 degrees?

It is a regular octagon which has 8 sides

What is the smallest number of sides a regular polygon with obtuse angles can have?


What polygon has equal sides and equal angles?

A polygon that has congruent sides and congruent angles is called a Regular polygon. If the number of sides is given, you can be more specific. Some examples: 3 congruent sides/angles = equilateral triangle 4 congruent sides/angles = square 5 congruent sides/angles = regular pentagon 6 congruent sides/angles = regular hexagon ...and so on, by adding "regular" in front of the shape's name.

What is the number of sides if the interior angles equal 135?

Providing that it is a regular octagon then it will have 8 sides

Can a regular polygon be defined as a polygon that has a regular number of sides?

No; apart from the fact that "regular number" of sides does not mean anything. What numbers do you consider to be regular and why? In any case, a regular polygon is one which has all sides of equal length AND all angles of equal measure. A square is the only regular 4-sided polygon. A rectangle has equal angles but not sides, a rhombus has equal sides but not angles. All other quadrilaterals fail on both counts.

How does a polygon have the same number of sides and angles?

i don't really get the "same number of sides" ----- the angles of a polygon are the same with other angles within the polygon, if it is a regular polygon, and there a formula for getting the total sum of angles which is 180X(N-2) where N is the number of sides.

What shape has 6 lines and 4 right angles?

Hexagon...Don't get caught up in the number of right angles. What matters is the number of sides...It has 6 sides. A regular hexagon has equal sides and equal angles(120)

Does a regular polygon have equal angles and unequal sides?

A regular polygon has equal angles AND sides.

What has congruent sides and congruent angles?

Regular polygons have congruent sides and angles