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There is a faster way

Proven with EL-531TH

Error 1: Not proper input

Press any symbol that requires a number input after it (e.g. + - x ^) and press enter

Error 2: Undefinable

Ban be done by dividing anything by 0, but it is much faster to just press Log or In and then equals (requires you to reset your calculator before the run)

Error 3:

Press cos 25 times. May be a faster way.

Error 4: Max input reached

Rapidly press one key repeatedly until you reach the end of the row (indicated by a flashing triangle). Using a longer input such as cos does not decrease the number of presses required. It is exactly 143 characters to the end of the row. Then press enter.

Happy Speedrunning :)

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error 3 you need to push cos heaps of times then =

error 2 you need to have a reallly reallly big number you need it to be bigger than 100 000 digjets

error 1 you can get quite easyily by dividing a negative number

cant rember error 4 if its despreet let me know and ill try find out again

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โˆ™ 2020-05-19 00:35:44

error 1 - press times twice

error 2 - divide by zero

error 3 - press cos more than 25 times

error 4- keep pressing 9 until it stops, then times, then 9 until it stops, etc. It won't let you do anything eventually, press equals.

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Q: How do you get all errors on sharp el-531wh calculator?
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