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Here is a simple way to graph a linear equation. A linear equation is one that has a y term (a number times y), an x term and a constant (but no squares or cubes or square roots etc.):

Let x = 0 and use the equation to find y. This gives you one point on the graph: (0, -3)

Let y = 0 and use the equation to find x. This gives you another point on the graph (3, 0)

Plot these two points, join them with a line and extend in both directions.

However, this method gives only one point if the equation is of the form y = ax where a is some non-zero constant; and that point is (0,0)

In that case, use (1,a) as the second point.

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Q: How do you graph the equation y equals -x-3?
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An equation of the line tangent to the graph of y equals x3 plus 3x2 plus 2 at its point of inflection is?

(a) y = -3x + 1

How do you graph y x3 - x?


Graph the equation and identify the y-intercept y equals 5x-7?


What happens to the graph of y equals x when the equation changes to y equals x - 9?

The graph shifts downward (negative y) by 9 units.

What is the equation of the midline of the graph of y equals 4cos3x plus 6?


How do you graph 3x plus y equals 6?

Rearrange the equation to read : y = 6 - 3x and graph normally.

What is the effect on the graph of the equation y equals x2 plus 2 when it is changed to y equals x2 - 4?

the graph is moved down 6 units

What is the equation to 2 units down of the graph of y equals x?


What is the slope of the equation y equals -x?

The equation has no slope. The graph of the equation is a straight line with a slope of -1 .

What is an equation for a graph that is parallel to the graph of y equals -0.5x plus 2?

y = -0.5x plus or minus any number

How does the shape of y equals x2 differs from the graph of y equals x3?

y = x2 is an (approximately) U shaped graph that is entirely above the x axis and is symmetric about the y axis. y = x3 is asymptotically negatively infinite when x is negatively infinite and positively infinite when x is positively infinite. It is symmetric about the line x+y=0.

Graph the equation y equals 8?

The graph of the equation y=8 is a horizontal line through the y-intercept of 8. This is because since y=8, any point on the graph will have a y-coordinate of 8. This is why it is a horizontal line through (0,8).

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