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(a) y = -3x + 1

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2012-11-07 01:20:33
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Q: An equation of the line tangent to the graph of y equals x3 plus 3x2 plus 2 at its point of inflection is?
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What is the equation of the line tangent to the graph y equals sin 2x?

That line is [ y = 2 cos(2x) ].

Find the equation of the line tangent to the graph of y equals cos2x at x equals pi divided by 4?


Derivative as the Slope of a Tangent?

Yes, the derivative of an equation is the slope of a line tangent to the graph.

Determine the point at which the graph of the function has a horizontal tangent line for the equation?

For the equation (9x^2)/(x^2+4)

Graph the equation -5y equals -40?


What is a tangent line?

Tangent line is a graph. This graph is to gather data.

How do you get the tangent line without the graph?

The answer will depend on the context. If the curve in question is a differentiable function then the gradient of the tangent is given by the derivative of the function. The gradient of the tangent at a given point can be evaluated by substituting the coordinate of the point and the equation of the tangent, though that point, is then given by the point-slope equation.

What does the graph of the equation 2x-3y equals 6 look like?

The equation 2x - 3y = 6 is a linear equation and a linear equation is always has a straight line as a graph

Why do you need to find the inflection point on a graph?

To find the inflection points on a graph, you need to take the second derivative. Then, set that equal to zero to find the x value(s) of the inflection point(s).

What is the slope of the equation y equals -x?

The equation has no slope. The graph of the equation is a straight line with a slope of -1 .

How do you graph the equation yx plus 4?

That's not an equation, so there's nothing to graph. Simple way to tell: There's no "equals" sign in it.

What part of graph would you shade on an equation if the answer is 0 equals 0?

The equation 0 equals 0 is an identity and contributes absolutely nothing to the part of the graph that you should shade or not. The tautological statement can be ignored.

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