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It is impossible. You can go on forever and ever since you can make the denominator larger at any time. There is an infinite amount of fractions between any two fractions. But, if you are only looking for thirds, it would be 1 whole.

depending on the limitations you put on the denominator depends on how many but to list them go in ascending order from 1/3 to 2/3

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Q: How do you list all the fractions between two thirds and one and one third?
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What are the fractions between 1 and 2?

There are infinitely many fractions between 1 and 2 and I have no intention of even starting to list them.

What are the fractions between 0 and 3 6?

That's an infinite list.

Is 1 to 1 least or greatest on a list of fractions?

Greatest on a list of proper fractions, least on a list of improper fractions.

Fractions least to greatest?

It's impossible to list all fractions, because there are no least or greatest fractions. In addition, between any two fractions, there's another fraction (for example, the average of the two functions).

What are all the equivalent fractions to 33 and one third percent?

There are infinitely many of them and so it would be pointless even trying to list them.

Where can I find a list with all the fractions that are less than one?

Such a list cannot exist, because there are an infinite number of such fractions.

What are the fractions 0 through 1?

There are too many of those to list here. In fact, there are an infinite number of them. So if I listed 16 trillion, there would still be an infinite number more.

When numerator the same list fractions from list to greatest?

If the numerator is the same, the fraction with the largest denominator has the lowest value (assuming all fractions are positive numbers).

What is all the fractions in order?

That's an infinite list.

What fractions are not equivalent to ten twelfths?

That's an infinite list.

What are all the equivalent fractions of 1 over 2?

It is not possible to list ALL the equivalent fractions because there is an infinite number of them.

What are the fractions between 4 over 7 and 5 over 7?

That's an infinite list, including 9/14, 13/21, 2/3