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Such a list cannot exist, because there are

an infinite number of such fractions.

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Q: Where can I find a list with all the fractions that are less than one?
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How do you do greater than and less than with fractions?

You find the common denominator for both fractions and which ever has the highest numerator is greater.

What are regular fractions?

Regular fractions are the fractions with a numerator that is less than the denominator and irregular fractions are fractions with a denominator less than the numerator.

What fractions are greater than 0 and less than 1?

Proper fractions.

When is the product of two fractions less than its factors?

If the fractions are both proper fractions ... equivalent to less than 1 ... thenthat's always true ... the product is always less than either factor.

Why is the quotient of two fractions less than 1 greater than both?

It need not be. The numbers 1/2 and (-1/2) are both fractions less than 1 but their quotient is -1, which is less than both the fractions.

How can a number line help us think about fractions greater than 1 and less than 0?

Fractions greater than 1 are to the right of 1 and fractions less than 1 are to its left.

What is fractions that is less than 1 half?

That's an infinite list that includes 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 and so on.

Are all fractions are less than one?

No, improper fractions (ex: 3/2) are greater than one.

Where can you find the number 15?

In a list of positive integers less than 20.

What are the different forms of fractions?

1. Proper Fractions where the numerator is less than denominator. 2. Improper Fractions or top-heavy fractions where the numerator is greater than denominator.

What are all the fractions that are less than one third?

nothing is less than one third

Are proper fractions less than one?