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you solve it

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Q: How do you solve a diagonal?
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How do you solve 4 x 4 magic squares?

If you have three cells in a row, column, or diagonal, and you know the sum of each, you can find the fourth.

If a square is inscribed in a circle the diameter of the circle is congruent to?

The diameter of the circle is congruent to the length of the diagonal of the inside square. If you know the length of one side of the square, you can use pythagorean's theorem to solve for its diagonal (hypotenuse) and thusly the square's diameter.

How does a diagonal look like?


A tree 10 ft tall cast a shadow 12 ft long find the angle elevation of the sun.?

draw yourself a triangle, with a 90* angle at the root of the tree. The sides of the triangle are: The shadow(the base side), the tree (the vertical side) and the distance between the top of the tree and the top of the shadow of the tree (the diagonal side).Then either calculate the diagonal side and solve the puzzle with a sine or directly solve it with a cosine. (You need the angle between the diagonal and base sides)

What is diagonal area?

A diagonal is a line so the area of any diagonal must be zero.

How do you spell diagonal?

That is the correct spelling of "diagonal."

What is the diagonal of a circle?

The diagonal of a circle is its diameter

How do you solve a diamond problem if they only give you the top and bottom?

The answer depends on what the problem is: are you required to find the lengths of the missing sides, the area, angles, length of diagonal, or WHAT!

What is the perimeter of a rectangle which has a diagonal of 8.50 cm and an area of 3000 square mm showing work with answer?

Here is what you are supposed to do: * Convert to consistent units. For example, convert the cm to mm. * Write an equation for the diagonal (in terms of length and width). Replace the known diagonal. * Write an equation for the area, in terms of length and width. * Solve the two equations simultaneously. * Calculate the perimeter.

How many diagonal sides does a rectangle have?

A diagonal cannot be a side of a rectangle, and a side cannot be a diagonal.

Use the word diagonal in a sentence?

Kitty-corner is another term for diagonal. A right triangle's hypotenuse is on a diagonal. On a keypad, the five is on a diagonal from the nine.

Where is the Diagonal Printing Museum in Diagonal Iowa located?

The address of the Diagonal Printing Museum is: 101 East 1St Street, Diagonal, IA 50845

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