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To work out 3/5 of a number, either:

Work out one fifth of the number (by dividing by 5) and then find 3 times this to get three fifths of the number; or

Work out 3 times the number and then find one fifth of this (by dividing by 5) to get three fifths of the number.

Alternatively, you can multiply by 6 and divide by 10 since 3/5 = 3 �· 5 = 0.6 = 6 �· 10. Dividing by 10 is easy as it effectively involves moving the decimal point left one digit.

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Q: How do you work out three fifths of a number?
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How do you work out three fifths of something?

Times the number with 3 and divide by 5.

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Three Fifths is not a whole number it's only 60% of a whole.

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tell me please

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The answer depends on what the decimal number is. Three fifths of some unspecified quantity remains unspecified.

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3/5+4/5=5 and 1/25

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