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Q: What is three fifths written on the number line?
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What is the fraction between two fifths and three fifths on a number line?

a half. 2/5 = 4/10, 1/2 = 5/10, 3/5 = 6/10

Which is a decimal that could go between the mixed numbers four and three fifths and four and nine tenths on a number line?


What is the definition of absoloute value?

A simple definition is that the absolute value of a number is how many places away from zero it is on a number line. Say you have the number three. The number three is three places away from zero on a number line. Say you have the number negative three. That number is also three spots away from zero on the number line. That is why there is no such thing as negative absolute values.

Where does 4 fifths go on a number line?

4/5ths is smaller than 1 but bigger than 1/2.

When a number repeats itself do you put the line under or on top of the line?

The vinculum is placed on top of the repeating number after the decimal. For example, 1/3 would be written out as .333333 or .3 with the vinculum above the three.

What does check sum mismatch mean?

The number on the written line is different then the number line.

Can three planes intersect in one line?

If I understand the question, and if I am not mistaken, three or any number number of planes can intersect in one line.

Where would three tenths go on a number line?

Three tenths would go be side the number three

Where is 2 on a number line?

next to one and three

How were the numbers 110100 and 1000 written by the Romans?

The number 1000 was simply M.Roman numerals did not have any symbol occurring consecutively more than three (or sometimes four) times. A number such as 110 000 would be written as the symbol CX (the Roman numeral for 110) with a horizontal line over the top. The horizontal line indicates the number is multiplied by ten thousand.The remainder of the number would be written as 100 is normally written: C

Three or more points on a line?

well, a line consists of an infinite number of points the three important points on a line are start (the origin of the line) end (the end of the line) midpoint (halfway across the line)

What is the greatest of 27 36 and 72?

The biggest number of the three on the number line is 72.