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12300000 or better still, 1.23*107

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Q: How do you write 12345000 using three significant figures?
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What is 4.82 AU in scientific notation?

4.82 * 10^1 (this is using three significant figures)

Subtract these numbers using significant figures 25.6 - 0.112?


What is 145.992 using only four significant figures?

145.992 using only four significant figures is 146.0

What is 61.37795276 using 4 significant figures?

61.37795276 in four significant figures is 61.38

How many significant figures are there in 3400?

The number 3400 has two significant figures. The rules for significant figures can be found by using the link to our friends at Wikipedia.

What is 21600 using only four significant figures?

21,600 using only four significant figures is still 21,600.

What expresses the value eight hundred forty using four significant figures?

840 using four significant figures is 840.0

How many significant figures is the measurement 124.0 cm taken using a RULER?

There are 3 significant figures

How do you write -4 in decimal form?

4 is a whole number and can never be a decimal.

Using proper signification figures what is the answer to the problem 55.0 m s 3.027 s?

It isn't clear what the question is. If you are supposed to multiply or divide, and if by "signification figures" you mean significant digits, do the multiplication (or division), then round to three significant digits - since the least-precise of the numbers only has three significant digits.

What would 120.7 be using significant figures?

The number 120.7 contains 4 significant figures. You start counting once you see any non-zero number. Any number after a decimal place is counted. The zero counts because it is a "captive" zero, which are always counted.

What is 86.346 plus 54.43 minus 9.5 using the correct number of significant figures?

86.346 +54.43 9.5 _______ 150.276 Now after we round the number and write it in significant figures , so it should look like this; 150 why? because when we need to round a number using the significant figures , we must look for the smallest significant figures which is 9.5 .