How is a triangle and rectangle alike?

Updated: 12/2/2022
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They are both polygon.

If you cut a rectangle diagonally, you will have two triangles. And if you want to figure out the area of a right triangle, you can treat it as a rectangle and then cut your calculation in half to get the correct answer.

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Q: How is a triangle and rectangle alike?
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How are a triangle and a rectangle alike?

They are both polygons.

How i a rectangle and right triangle alike?

They are alike inasmuch that a rectangle can be split into two right angle triangles

How is a rectangle and a triangle the same?

They are both geometric shapes

Are rectangle and octagon alike?

a rectangle and octagon are alike because they both are quadrilaterals.

Is a rectangle a triangle?

No, a triangle has 3 sides, a rectangle has 4

How are rectangle and triangle different?

The reason why a rectangle and a triangle is different is because a rectangle has four sides and a triangle has three sides.

How are a cube and a rectangle alike?

they are not alike. A rectangle is 2 dimensional, a cube is 3 dimensional

Why is Phineas' head shaped like a triangle?

because he is a triangle head candace triangle mother triangle dad rectangle perry rectangle and ferb rectangle

What is half a square called?

Half a square is called a rectangle or a triangle.

What is the difference between a triangle rectangle and a normal rectangle?

The main difference is that a triangle rectangle cannot exist.

Can a triangular pyramid be called a rectangle pyramid?

No. A triangular pyramid describes a triangle whose base is a triangle (not just the sides which define it as a pyramid), whereas a rectangular pyramid is one whose base is a rectangle. A triangle and a rectangle are not the same (a triangle is not a rectangle, and a rectangle is not a triangle), so it would be incorrect to refer to a triangle-based pyramid as a rectangle pyramid.

What kind of triangle can be made in a rectangle?

Any kind of triangle can be made in a rectangle.