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It is difficult to answer the question because, for addition or subtraction, it is often easier to obtain the exact answer! If you line up the decimal points and then follow the rules of addition or subtraction - exactly as they would apply to whole numbers - you will get the correct answer!

Estimation may be useful to check your answer if you are poor at addition or subtraction of integers. But, if that is the case, your estimate is equally likely to be wrong!

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Q: How is estimation helpful when adding and subtracting decimals?
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What grade do you learn adding decimals?

3rd. Adding Decimals 5th - Adding and subtracting 6th - Dividing Decimals

Why is it helpful to estimate the answer before adding or subtracting decimals?

It can be helpful for people who do not have a clue where the decimal point should go in the answer. For those who do know, the exercise is pointless.

When adding and subtracting decimals will your answer be a mixed number?


How are decimals used as a carpenter?

adding subtracting multiplying and dividing

When adding and subtracting decimals you must?

add them or subtract them, as appropriate!

When do you need to write zero as a placeholder when adding and subtracting decimals?

Adding decimal same as adding whole numbers

How are adding subtracting decimals different from multiplying them?

They aren't. The rules are the same as those for adding/subtracting or multiplying integers. Just be careful of the decimal point's location.

How do you estimate using front-end estimation?

by adding or subtracting the values of the digits in the front place

When adding or subtracting decimals always do what?

First you write the decimals one under the other, in such as way that the decimal points are aligned.

What types of math do carpenters use?

Mostly geometry, adding, subtracting fractions and decimals.

When adding or subtracting decimals the decimal point must be in line for all numbers?


What is the rule for significant figures when adding or subtracting decimals?

When adding and/or subtracting, your answer can only show as many decimal places as the measurement having the fewest number in the decimal places.

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