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United states is

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| - Total 9,826,630 km2 [1](3rd/4th3)

3,794,066 sq mi - Water (%) 6.76


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Q: How large is America in square kilometers?
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How large is 43.5 square kilometers in square miles?

43.5 square kilometers are 16.795444 square miles.

What is the size of each continent from the highest to lowest points?

* Asia at about 44,580,000 Square Kilometers. * Africa about 30,065,000 Square Kilometers. * North America at about 24, 256,000 Square Kilometers. * South America at about 17,819,000 Square Kilometers. * Antarctica at about 13,205,000 Square Kilometers. * Europe at about 9,938,000 Square Kilometers. * Australia at 7,600,000 Square Kilometers. Umm, I think Indian.

What is the seven continents with their areas from largest to smallest?

Asia - 44.58 million square kilometers Africa - 30.37 million square kilometers North America - 24.71 million square kilometers South America - 17.84 million square kilometers Antarctica - 14.0 million square kilometers Europe - 10.18 million square kilometers Australia - 8.56 million square kilometers

How large in square kilometers is the Philippines?

The Philippines has a total land area of approximately 300,000 square kilometers.

How large is 63 square kilometers in feet?

63 square kilometers equates to 678,126,356.25 square feet.

How large is Louisiana in square kilometers?

not as large as yamum

What is America's area in square kilometers?


How large is California state in square kilometers?

California has a total area of approximately 423,970 square kilometers.

How large is Tuscany?

Tuscany is 8,877.6 square miles (22,993 square kilometers).

How large in square kilometers is Ontario?


How large is the city of Spokane?

The city of Spokane is 58.5 square miles. This can be converted into 151.5 square kilometers as well. This city is located in an area of Washington, United States of America.

How large is Montana in square kilometers?

Montana is approximately 380,800 square kilometers in size.