How long is a centermeter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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10 milimeters

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Q: How long is a centermeter?
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How many termites would fit in 1 centermeter if is 5 millimeters long?


How many mini meter in a centermeter?

There's no such measurements as mini meter and centermeter.

How many centermeter are in a mile?


How many millimeters are in a centermeter?


How many centermeter in 2PT?


How many decimeters in a centermeter?

None, since there is no such measure as a centremetre (or even centermeter). However, there are 0.1 decimetres in a centimetre. Centi, not center!

What is a centermeter?

A centimetre is a measure of length or distance.

How many centermeter are in 121 kilometer?


How many milliliters in a centermeter?

There is 10mm in a cm.

How many centermeter is in 68meter?

6800 centimeters

How tall is the macaroni penguin?

70 centermeter tall

How many millimeteres in a centermeter?

1 centimeter=10 millimeters