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20. A ton is 2,000 pounds, so it would take 20 100 pound bags to total 2,000.

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Q: How many 100 lbs bags make a ton?
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How many 50 lb bags of sand to make a cubic foot?

I'll use the density of dry, packed sand, which is 100 lbs per cubic foot, 50/100 is 2 50 lb bags of sand

How much you get charge for extra weight with Delta airline on domestic flight?

90 USD/CAD for bags weighing 51-70 lbs. 175 USD/CAD for bags weighing 71-100 lbs. Bags exceeding 100 lbs. are not allowed.

How many bags should you buy if the sugar is packaged in lbs bags?

The term "lbs" means "pounds", so you should buy as many "lbs bags" as the amount of pounds of sugar that you need.

How many 50lb bags of sand make one ton?


How many bags of sand at 50 lbs will i need to make 1 ton?

40 bags of anything that weigh 50 lbs each is one ton. A ton is 2000 lbs, so divide 2000 by 50.

How many bags of sand for 31.25 sq ft?

It depends upon the size of the bags, the density of the sand, and the depth of sand. For example, if the density is 100 lbs/cubic foot, the bags are 50 lbs each, and you want a depth of 1 inch, then: 31.25 sq ft X 1 inch X 1/12 ft/inch X 100 lbs/cubic foot / 50 lbs/bag = 5.2 bags Better get 6 bags to have enough. If the depth of sand, density of sand, or size of bags is different than what I assumed for this example, then plug your numbers into the equation above.

How many kilos in 100 lbs?

100 lbs = 45.36kg

How many grams equals 100 lbs?

100 lbs = 45,359.2g

I have 6 8 lbs of peppermint candies and I make small bags of candies each 1 4 a lb How many small bags of candy can I make?

With 68 pounds of peppermint candies and small bags of candies of 14 pounds you can make at least three small bags of candy.

How many bags at 80 lbs will equal a cubic yard of concrete?

41 bags. Actual 40.5

How many bags needed to make 2 Tons if 1 holds 5 lb of cans?

one bag has five lbs. of cans, then one hundred bags hold five hundred lbs of cans. 1000 lbs. = 1 ton. so then two hundred bags hold one thousand lbs tons) of cans, and you want two tons, so you need four hundred bags to hold two thousand lbs. (two tons) of cans.

A farmer grew 112 lbs of apples They were divided into 5 lb bags and 2 lb bags There are the same amount of bags How many bags are there?

16 of each

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