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600 litres / (1 litre/bottle) = 600 bottles

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Q: How many 1 liter bottles can be filled by 600 liters of water?
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How many bottles fill 2.5 liters of water?

The number of bottles used to fill 2.5 liters of water will depend on the size of the bottles. You will need 5 half-liter bottles to fill 2.5 liters of water.

How many bottles of water equal 2 liters?

If they are "liter" bottles, then you would need 2.

A tank holds 86 liters of water. Bottles holding 3.5 liters each are filled from this tank. How many bottles can be filled completely from this tank?

86/3.5 = 24.57 so answer is 24 complete bottles

How many 5 liter water bottles equal one gallon of water?

2.5 liters

How many 250 ml botlles can be filled from 2 liters of water?

That is 8 bottles

How many 500ml bottles can be completely filled from a jug containing 2.3 liters of water?


How many bottles of water make a gallon if it was 5 liters?

5 liter = 1.3 gallon

What keep wild animals out of your yard?

liter bottles filled with water. It works really well!

How do you measure 10 liters of water from a 7 liter jar and a 11 liter jar that are both filled with water?

Fill a container three times using the 7-liter jar (which will give you 21 liters), then take out water with the 11-liter jar (which will give you 10 liters).

How many 500ml water bottles are in 4 liters?

1 liter = 1000 ml SO ...4 liters x 2 = 8 500 ml bottles.

Can 2 liter soda bottles be filled with water frozen and be used as cooling wand for sauces?

Yes, two litter bottles can be filled with water and frozen. The frozen water can then be put into sauces to help cool them down. Always make sure to check for any plastic that may be from the bottles.

How do you measure 4 liters out of a 5 liter bowl and a 3 liter bowl?

If the 5 liter bowl is first filled, then 3 liters of water from the 5 liter bowl can be poured into the 3 liter bowl. There should be 2 liters of water left in the 5 liter bowl, and 3 liters in the 3 liter bowl. Dump out the water in the 3 liter bowl, and replace it from the remaining 2 liters from the 5 liter bowl. Refill the 5 liter bowl, and pour 1 liter of water from the 5 liter bowl into the 3 liter bowl. There should be 4 liters in the 5 liter bowl, and 3 liters in the 3 liter bowl. Dump out the 3 liter bowl for a total of 4 liters left in the 5 liter bowl. Nice answer here as well: See link below for nice answer

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