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3 litres = 3000 ml so 3000/250 = 12 bottles.

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Q: How many 250ml bottles can be filled from 3 liter of lemonade?
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How many 250ml bottle can be filled from 400 liter of water?


How many 1 liter bottles can be filled by 600 liters of water?

600 litres / (1 litre/bottle) = 600 bottles

How many 250ml in 1.89 liter?

There are 7.56 250ml units in 1.89 liters.

How many 200 ml paper cups can be filled from a 2 liter jug of lemonade show all work!!!!!!!?


How much milliliters are there in a forth of a liter?


Number of milliliters in a quarter of a liter?


What is one quarter of a liter in milliliters?


Can 2 liter soda bottles be filled with water frozen and be used as cooling wand for sauces?

Yes, two litter bottles can be filled with water and frozen. The frozen water can then be put into sauces to help cool them down. Always make sure to check for any plastic that may be from the bottles.

How many ml in a quarter of an liter?

0.25 liters = 250mL* There are 1,000 milliliters per liter.

How much would 2 2 liter bottles full of quarters be worth?

The 2 liter bottle has the same worth regardless of what it is filled with, probable 1/10th of a cent or less.

250ml equals how many liters?

1,000 ml = 1 liter 250 ml = 0.25 liter = 1/4 liter

Does one quart equal one liter?

no, one quarter is 250ml!