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There is no such unit as "Kbps". This, as opposed to "kbps" or "kBps". Please ask your service provider to hire educated professionals and not hacks.

The calculation below is completely amateur and suspect, primarily due to its being based on unsubstantiated terminology and failing to validate assumptions (i.e. skipping steps)...

1 Kb = 1000 bit

128 Kb = 128000 bit/s

128000 bit = 16000 byte

16000 byte = 15.625 kB (kilobyte)/s

15.625 kB = 0.0152587890625 MB (megabyte)/s

0.91552734375 MB / minute (with some overhead, stopbits etc... this will be about 1 MB / minute)

54.931640625 MB / hour

1318.359375 MB / day

+/- 39550.78125 MB / month = 38.623809814453125 GB / month

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Q: How many MB per minute is a 128Kbps MP3?
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How many minutes in 20 megabyte?

It really depends on what kind of file and encoding you are using. If you are using an MP3 at 128kbps it will be about 1MB per minute. If you are using a WAV file at CD quality it will be closer to 10MB per minute.

How many KB per minute in 128KBps?

128 kilobytes times 60 seconds equals: 7680kbp60s or 7680kbpm

How many songs can thirty gigabytes hold?

Assuming that the encoding of the MP3 is 128kbps, then work on the average of 1 minute of music = 1MB. Therefore, a 4 minute song will be 4MB. You get 250 songs per GB, so 30 GB will hold approx. 7500 songs with an average length each of 4 minutes.

What does Kbps stands for in Music files?

'Kbps' stands for Kilo Bits Per Second.For more detail you can check on MP3 file structure and bit rates, like 128Kbps or 320Kbps.

How many songs can you fit on a 16gb ipod nano?

depends on the song size let's say the songs are compressed into 128Kbps mp3 and are about 3MB per song 1 GB = 1024MB ,16*1024MB=16384 /3= 5461 songs of 3MB

How much memory does an average 4 minute song require?

I find that a good quality stereo MP3 will take about 1Mb per minute

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