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Seven of them.

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Q: How many even integers greater than 2 and less than 20 are equal to the sum of two prime numbers?
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What positive integers are divisble a prime number?

All integers greater than one are divisible by prime numbers.

What are the not prime numbers called greater than one?

Integers greater than one that are not prime are composite.

What 3 prime numbers equal 1.8?

Prime numbers are integers. They won't equal a decimal.

How many even integers greater than two and less than twenty are equal in value to the sum of two prime numbers?

All of them.

What are numbers after one that are composite and prime numbers?

All numbers greater than one are positive integers that are either composite or prime numbers.

Where are prime and composite numbers?

They are in the subset of integers which are greater than 1.

What are the numbers are not prime?

Integers greater than 1, that are not prime numbers, are called composite numbers, because they are "made up of" more than one prime factor.

How many positive integers less than or equal to 100 have a prime factor that is greater than 4?

There are 80 such integers.

What is the square of the sum of two primes?

There is no particular characteristic that is common to such numbers other than they are positive integers greater than or equal to 4.

Are odd numbers less than prime number?

No. Odd numbers can be greater than, smaller than, or equal to prime numbers.

What is the set builder notation for prime numbers?

Set builder notation for prime numbers would use a qualifying condition as follows. The set of all x's and y's that exist in Integers greater than 1, such that x/y is equal to x or 1.

Is even numbers composite or prime?

All the even numbers greater than 2 are composite.