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1 Hectare= 2.47 acres 1 F. Field= 1.1 acres 1 Hectare= 2.25 F. Fields (rounded) or 1 F. Field= .45 Hectare (rounded)

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Q: How many hectares are there in a football field?
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How many kilometers in ten hectare?

Kilometres measure length. Hectares measure area. Your question is like saying, how many metres in a football field.

If rectangler field is 1200m long and 800m broad calculate the area of the field in hectares?

96 hectares

How many football fields in 1 hectare?

NOBECAUSE...One football field (the same as a soccer field= same thing) is less than a hectare. But two football fields (or a square measuring 100* 100m) equals to one hectare.SO...One football field is less than a hectare and two football fields equals to a hectare.

A Field 800 meters long and 500 meters wide area in hectares?

The field's area is 40 hectares.

How many soccer fields is 40 hectares?

An average football ground is approx 73460 sq feet. 40 hectares is 4.30556e6 sq feet which means 58.6 or about 60 football fields would fit in.

A farmer normally plants 40000 corn plants on a 5-hectare field This year she is letting 2 hectare of the field rest and will only plant 3 hectares How many plants does she need for the 3 hectares?


How many football fields are in ten acres?

make pure list of football goal post measurement

How many football fields is 142600 hectares?

266,492 US, NFL fields with some room left over.

How many sq yards in a football field?

A football field is 5531.21 square yards.

How many yards across a football field?

A football field across is 53.3 yards.

How many officials are on the field during a football game a although how many football players and officials are on the field?


How many hectares in 150000 square meters?

150000 in hectares = 15 hectares