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The field's area is 40 hectares.

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Q: A Field 800 meters long and 500 meters wide area in hectares?
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If rectangler field is 1200m long and 800m broad calculate the area of the field in hectares?

96 hectares

How long is the length of the sides of 2500 square hectares?

1 hectare = 10000 sq meters 2500 hectares = 2500 x 10000 = 25000000 sq meters √25000000 = 5000 meters A square with side length of 5000 meters (5kms) would cover an area of 2500 hectares.

13.86 hectares is how many meters?

A hectare is an area, not a length. 1 hectare is 10,000 square meters, or you can think of it as a square with sides 100 meters long

What is the area of a square with sides 0.3 km long?

0.09 square kilometer = 90,000 square meters = 9 hectares = about 22.24 acres (rounded)

How many hectares is a piece of land which is 576 meter long and 450 meter wide show solution and illustration?

To convert the dimensions of the land (576 meters by 450 meters) to hectares, multiply the length by the width and then divide by 10,000 (since 1 hectare is equal to 10,000 square meters). So, the calculation would be: 576 meters * 450 meters / 10,000 = 259.2 hectares. Illustration: Area = Length x Width Area = 576 m x 450 m = 259,200 sq m 1 hectare = 10,000 sq m 259,200 sq m / 10,000 = 259.2 hectares.

What is the area of a field that measures ten meters long and fourteen wide?


Which unit of measure would be appropriate for the area of a soccer field that is 105 meters long and 67 meters wide?

Unit of length for the width of soccer field is meters.

How long is 2 hectares in KM?

Two hectares is an area equal to 0.02 square km

How long is 400 meters walking?

It is almost exactly a quarter of a mile. Once around a typical track and field oval. The distance the relay runners go, 4 x 100 meters. 40 acres (16 hectares) is a 400 meters by 400 meters roughly.

A rectangular field is 0.3 kilometers long and 0.2 kilometers wide. What is the area of the field in square meters Do not round your answer?


What is the area of a football field in meters?

An American football field is 109.7 m by 48.8 m.

What is the area of American football field in meters?

The American football field has dimensions of 360 ft long x 160 ft wide, which is an area of 57,600 ft2 or approximately 5351.04 m2