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There are 5 hundredths

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Q: How many hundredths in all of the number 2.053?
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How many hundredths is in all of 1.03?


How many hundredths are in all of 2.053?

205.3 of them.

How many significant digits are in the number 101.0100 -?

The fact that there is a trailing zero and the number is not given as 101.01 is indicative that the number is accurate to the nearest ten thousandths, not just the nearest hundredths. Therefore, it has seven significant digits.

What is a digit in the hundredths place that the sum of all six digits in this number is thirity?

Any digit that you like.

What number is greater than 7.923 and less than 7.929 what must be the digit in the hundredths place be in the number he chooses explain?

There's an infinite number of answers, like 7.924 or 7.925 but all of them will have a 2 in the hundredths place because the two numbers have a 2 there.

How many thousandths are there in the number 2195.843?

The order of the decimal places, after the decimal point are:tenths-->hundredths-->thousandths and so on (increasing by 10 each time).In this number there is an 8 in the tenths place, a 4 in the hundredths place, and a 3 in the thousandths place.However, to get the answer you must put this all together, using all of the number up to the place you desire. In this case you have 843 thousandths. If you were to add 157 thousands, you would have 2196.0

What is 37.856 to the nearest hundredth?

37.856 rounded to the nearest hundredth is 37.86. The first place (first number) to the right of the decimal (period, dot) is the tenths place, the second number is the hundredths place, the third is the thousandths, etc. To round to the hundredths place you look at the number on the right of the second number. If this number is five or greater you add 1 to the hundredths number and remove the rest of the numbers further to the right. If its less than five you simply remove all numbers to the right of the second number.

How do you find the nearest tenth of a number?

Look at the hundredths place only. If it is 5 or more round up, add one to the tenths place, and throw away the hundredths and all decimal parts to the right of it. If the hundredths place is less than 5 round down, which means keep the tenths place the same and throw away the hundredths and all decimal parts to the right of it. Ex: 65.734 ... 3 is the hundredths place and is less than 5 ... round down = 65.7 or 74.38111 --- 8 is the hundredths place and is greater than 5 ... round up = 74.4

What number represents the smallest amount 3.26 0.54 89.00 0.09?

0.09 All these numbers can be categorised in wholes, tenths and hundredths. Therefore 3.26 is 3 wholes, 2 tenths and 6 hundredths; 0.54 is 0 wholes, 5 tenths and 4 hundredths; 89.00 is 89 wholes, 0 tenths and 0 hundredths; 0.09 is 0 wholes, 0 tenths and 9 hundredths. Hence 0.09 is the smallest of the numbers.

What nutrients do raspberries contain?

Here is a link that will give you all the nutrition information.

How do you change 6 percent to a decimal?

Think of the % sign as meaning /100 like a fraction. You can see there is a line and two zeros so just swap it all around to /100. So then 100%=100/100 which equals 1 So then 6%=6/100 (six hundredths) six hundredths as a decimal = 0.06 (first number after decimal point is tenths, second number after the decimal point is hundredths). Hope this helps!

What digit is in the hundredths place in 458.08?

the eight all the way to the right

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