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7.62x25, 7.62x39, 7.62x51, or 7.62x54?

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Q: How many inches of concrete can a 7.62mm bullet go through when fired from 100 direct yards?
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Can a bullet go through 8 inches of silly putty?

yes it can

Can a bullet go through eight inches of silly putty?

Yes, It can, and it did when I tried it.

Can a ak 47 go through 3 inches of bullet proof glass?

No it cant go through it.

What is the difference between a .22 caliber bullet and a .32 caliber bullet?

The .22 caliber bullet is ABOUT .22 inches wide. A .32 bullet is about .32 inches wide. The bullet will also be heavier due to size.

Is a .22 caliber bullet bigger than a 7.62 caliber bullet?

A 22 caliber bullet is 22/100 inches in diameter. A 7.62 mm bullet is 30 caliber or 30/100 inches in diameter there is no such thing as a 7.62 caliber bullet

How thick does new magnesium has to be to stop bullet penetration?

An AK-47 can put a bullet through a 1/4 inch thick part of titanium, so anything around 2 inches or thicker should stop a bullet, it depends on how powerfull the gun is, but the thicker the titanium the better, if i wanted a sheet of bulletproof titanium i would make it at least 5 inches thick if not 6 inches.

What is the Diameter of a 380 bullet?

.355 inches.

Can a 40 bullet fit 32 gun?

If you mean a .40 caliber bullet in a .32 caliber gun- no. The bullet would be 8 thousandths of inch too large to fit in the gun. Caliber refers to the diameter of the bullet, so a .40 caliber bullet is ABOUT .40 inches across, and a .32 bullet ABOUT .32 inches across.

What are the dimensions of a concrete block?

Basic concrete block it 8x8x16 inches.

What is the caliber bullet?

Caliber is in reference to the diameter of the bullet. A .40 (which is what I have) is .40 inches in diameter. A .50 caliber is .50 inches in diameter (half an inch). So a caliber is the inches in diameter. Not including the 9mm which I cannot stand

How far does a .223 bullet drop in 200 yards?

Depends on the velocity, shape of the bullet, and where the rifle is zeroed. For the standard .223 zeroed at 200 yards, bullet will be 1.4 inches HIGH at 100 yds, on target at 200, 7.2 inches LOW at 300, 22.3 inches LOW at 400, etc.

How long was the bullet in James A. Garfield?

It was about 2-3 inches.