How many length of 12mm is in a ton?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Neither mass nor weight can be converted to length.

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Q: How many length of 12mm is in a ton?
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How many 12mm steel bars in one ton?

It depends on the average mass of the steel bars, which will depend on their length and the density of the steel.

How do you calculate how many pieces of 12mm make one ton?

You first need to find out what the pieces are. 12 mm is a measure of length. Length, by itself cannot be converted to an equivalent mass.

How many steel bars of 12mm are in one ton?

170 Y12 Bar to the ton at 6000 M long

How many pieces of 12mm re bar is in 1 ton?

Mass per Meter Run in Kg

If you have dimensions of 25mm x 12mm x 90m how many squared meters do you have?

You have specified three dimensions. A rectangular area will have a length and a width. If your length is 90m, is the width 25mm or 12mm? I can't make sense of this as it is.

How many ft equal a ton?

feet are length , ton is weight

How piece of iron bar of 12mm make one metric tone?

To calculate the weight of an iron bar, you need to know its length. Assuming a standard density of iron, the weight of a 12mm iron bar to be one metric ton would require a length of approximately 82.5 meters. This calculation is based on the volume of the iron bar and its density.

The perimeter of a square if the side length is 12mm?

Since a square has four sides, just multiply the side length by four: 12mm x 4 = 48 mm

What is the best estimate to measure the length of your hand?


How many kilometers in 1 ton?

a kilometer is in length. a ton is in weight. They don't convert.

How many meters are in a ton?

You cannot associate length and weight

How many cm in 12mm?

1.2 cm in 12mm